The online learning programs presented here originate from classroom programs and open public programs for oil and natural gas industry, conducted for around two decades for major companies worldwide. The classroom and public programs were conducted by well-recognized professionals under the banner of Technomanage Consultants. The industry awareness programs like “A to Z of Oil & Gas to Petrochemicals”, “A to Z of Natural Gas and LNG” became very popular and were delivered to several companies in South East Asia, India, Europe and USA. The popularity of the programs, with both technical and non-technical personnel, stems from the simple lucid way the entire value chain of the hydrocarbon industry is explained block by block.

Specialist training programs by the same group on process plant design also were well appreciated. The online versions of the programs on oil and natural gas industry awareness are now launched by Technomanage LLC to enable the clients to train greater number of employees at an affordable cost. They are in power point format with narration and script on each slide. In future we plan to add specialist programs on process plant design and engineering.

Developer of the Training Programs

The programs have been developed by Dr. U.K. Dutta, a professional with over 50 years’ experience in design and engineering of oil and gas production facilities, petroleum refineries and petrochemical facilities. He has also been training hydrocarbon industry executives as faculty in Professional Activities Center of National University of Singapore. A number of experts in the area have given input over a period of time in evolving the programs.


The on-site classroom versions of the programs have been delivered to major companies including Kellogg Brown & Root (India), Solar Turbines (Singapore, Belgium, USA), Technip, Engineers India Ltd., Jurong Consultants (Singapore), PTT (Thailand), Bharat Petroleum Co. Ltd. and many other major international companies.

National University of Singapore (Professional Activities Center) adopted some of the programs as open industry programs and repeated these annually for a decade.